A Step-By-Step Guide To Lowering The Costs Of Your Self Storage Unit

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If you're using a self storage unit for long-term storage, the costs can compound. A storage unit is often too useful to forego, but reducing the costs can help. Here are a few tips to lower your monthly fees.

Look Into Prepaying for the Unit

Some self storage units will give you a discount if you pay for the full year in advance. If you're using your storage unit permanently, there's no reason not to pay in advance. Additionally, this reduces the chances that you could miss a payment. 

Find Out Whether You Can Reduce Your Insurance

Are you paying for insurance for your self storage unit? You may be covered by your homeowner's insurance. Contact your homeowner's insurance to find out whether your personal effects are all covered already; you may be able to drop the storage insurance.

Downsize the Unit

There may be items that you don't need in your self storage unit. An annual downsizing may be worthwhile. Take some time to take everything out of your unit and separate it into multiple piles. If there's an item that you hesitate regarding keeping, it's probably likely that you don't really need it. 

Reorganize Your Unit

If you can't get rid of items inside of your unit, you might want to consider reorganizing. If you put your items in boxes that are easier to stack, you can take better advantage of vertical space. Consolidating your items into more consistent boxes may also help, as you'll be able to increase the density of your unit.

Consider Whether You Need Climate Control

A climate-controlled self storage unit is usually far more expensive than a regular storage unit. Review the contents of your storage. You may be able to move your storage to a cheaper unit if you don't have items such as wood furniture, appliances, or electronics stored in it. 

Move Your Storage a Little Farther

In general, storage units are more expensive the more conveniently close to the city they are. If you move your storage outside of the city, it will be cheaper. For long-term storage that you don't need to access, it could be worth the costs of moving.

If you still can't lower the costs of your self storage unit, you might want to consider shopping around. You can comparison shop for other storage units in the area, as well as looking for one-time or seasonal deals.